About Mad House Out-Of-School Club Wrexham

Our Aims

The aims of the club are to provide a high quality accessible out of school service for children, irrespective of abilities, means or circumstances in a safe, stimulating and caring environment, so as to encourage their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.


The Objectives of the club are to:

- Provide a wide range of imaginative play opportunities in a creative environment to increase children's play and social activities.
- Give parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are safe and also having fun.
- Enable parents to consider returning to work, training, etc.
- Create the right environment for children to develop confidence and self-esteem.
- Work with parents in a partnership to achieve these objectives.

Equal Opportunities Statement

Our club is aware that all children are individuals with varying needs and some children have additional needs that require particular support and assistance. We follow comprehensive Meeting Individual Needs Policy which shows we are committed to taking appropriate action to ensure all children are able to access our service, mad to feel welcome and included, and our activities promote their welfare and development. We aim to ensure that no child will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origin, religious beliefs, disability or the ability to pay in any matter to do with the club. We have an Equal Opportunities Policy which is followed at all times.

Parents Comments

Here are some of the parents comments we received as part of our 2013 parents survey:

"We find the service excellent and of great benefit to us, all of the staff are lovely"

"Overall I'm very happy with the services provided by the madhouse clubs"

"I am happy with the service given to the children, the club is a nice place and not far from the school. The staff are friendly and I get the information I need. The supervision is very comprehensive and the children like being there."

"I feel that the club is a brilliant service for the parents and children of Wats Dyke School. They are well looked after and there are plenty of activities."

"You provide an invaluable service and one which we really appreciate, thank you."

"Thank you to all of the staff at the club for their lovely, caring and approachable attitudes."

"All the staff are lovely and I feel really happy when dropping my son off in the morning."

"Very happy with the club".