How to join Mad House Out-Of-School Club Wrexham


Parents are required to complete a registration form for each child before they begin attending club. The form should be filled out as completely and accurately as possible, giving details of name, address, age, special requirements (including dietary) and health.

In addition to this, it is important that parents give emergency contact numbers and a list of named persons who are allowed to collect the child from the club.

If there is a change to any information given on the registration form, the Club Supervisor should be notified immediately and a registration amendment form must be completed by the parent.

To keep our information as up to date as possible, we will require all registration forms to be reviewed at the start of each school year. All information given is held securely in accordance with our Confidentiality Policy.

Please Click Here to download our welcome pack including our detailed policies. For further information, please call Becky Mackenzie on 07858 709 662


The amounts of children we can care for at any one time are different in each service we provide: 40 at Before School Club, 40 at After School Club and 26 at Holiday Club. Our staffing ratio is 1 to 8 children with two members of staff present at all times.

You will not need to book or cancel when using morning club, the booking procedure applies to afternoon sessions only.

To ensure your child has a place at the club, you will need to book in advance, telling us of the dates that your child will be attending. If you need to book your child in last minute, please let the supervisor know as soon as you possibly can, your child can only be booked in if there are spare places. If your child attends club but has not been booked in, we can only take them if we have spaces available, and an additional charge of £3.50 will be added to your bill.

If you have booked your child in and know that he/she will be unable to attend, we will require 24 hours notice. Cancellations must be made by 6pm for the following day (i.e cancellations for a Thursday would need to be made by 6pm on Wednesday) and 8am for a Monday. Any cancellations made after 6pm (or 8am Mondays only) will be charged £3.50.

If your child is booked in but does not attend, a member of staff will try to contact you and all numbers given on your child’s form. If, after 15 mins, we cannot get hold of you and do not know where your child is, we will implement the Missing Child Procedure and the police will be contacted. If you fail to cancel a £10.00 booking charge will be added to your bill.

If your child takes part in after school activities such as netball, football, etc, please inform the Club Supervisor. Children are welcome to attend the club after the activity, but will normally be charged from 3pm. For more options regarding this, please speak to the club supervisor.

All bookings and cancellations MUST be made directly by the parent to the club supervisor, even if your child is sent home ill from school.

Please note that the school office and morning club staff cannot deal with afternoon bookings/cancellations, please contact me on 07858 709662 between 7.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

If you are cancelling by text or email, I will respond to this to let you know I have received your message. If you do not get a response within 30 minutes, please phone the club number, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure children are cancelled by the times stated. Please take into consideration that texts and emails do not always get through.

It is your responsibility to let your child know if he or she is attending club after school. For safety reasons it is also advisable to also let your child’s teacher know in the morning. While we do look for children whose names are on our register but haven’t arrived, we are unable to do this until all the children are gathered into the hall. In the event that your child has been booked in but not arrived, we will contact you immediately and if necessary, we will implement our Missing Child Procedure.


When collecting your child from the club, you must sign out in the daily register; this helps us to ensure that your child has been collected by a parent or a named person. We will not allow children to leave club alone.

If a parent is aware that an unnamed person will be collecting their child, they should inform the club supervisor immediately. Children will not be allowed to leave the club with an unnamed person.

In the event of an unnamed person trying to collect a child, the child will not be allowed to leave the club until the supervisor has spoken to the parent/emergency contact and obtained permission.

When collecting your child, please ensure you take all your child’s belongings with you. As we use a shared building, we are not always able to safely store property which has been left behind.

Children must be collected by closing time of the club. If a parent is late in collecting a child, an additional charge of £9.00 per child, per quarter of an hour (or part of) will be added to their bill to cover staff and building hire costs.

If you are aware that you may be late in collecting your child, you should contact the club immediately. If you are 30 minutes late and we are unable to contact you or any contact numbers given on the registration form, we will implement the clubs Failure to Collect a Child Procedure.


I would like to make all parents aware that the club relies solely on fees to cover running expenses such as staffing and building costs. Unfortunately, we are not able to secure outside funding to help with these costs, and so they must be met by the fees paid by you. To keep costs to you as low as possible, the club runs to a very tight budget and therefore it is necessary that all fees are settled by the date shown on the monthly bill slips to ensure that we are able to cover the next months’ overheads on time.

Bills are issued monthly, and must be settled by the date given on the bill slip. Parents who fail to do so, without giving the club supervisor prior notice, will incur a £10.00 administration fee. If any future fees are paid after the date shown, we will ask that fees are paid in advance.

As some people don’t use us regularly, bills will sometimes be given directly to children to take home. I will send an email out to parents each month to let you know the bills are out and to expect one.

If you find that you have difficulty in making the payments by the date shown, or if you have a query with your bill, please ask to speak with the club supervisor as soon as you have received your bill.

None payment of fees are unacceptable, your child may lose their place at the club, or we will ask that all future fees are paid in advance. Please note that none payment of bills will affect your child care tax credit applications. We will take legal action to recover any outstanding debt, should this happen, you will also be held responsible for any expense incurred by the club in recovering monies owed to us.

If an organisation is responsible for payment of fees (including voucher schemes) parents are required to complete a confidential form, giving details of this arrangement.

There is a £10.00 charge for cheques that are returned to us unpaid, please note if this happens more than once we will no longer accept cheques from you, and all future payments must be in cash.

You may be entitled to help with your child care costs through Tax Credits. We also accept childcare voucher schemes which make payments easier for parents. For more information, please speak to the club supervisor.