Meet the Team at Mad House Out-Of-School Club Wrexham

Becky Mackenzie

Hi I'm Becky, I have managed the club since 2001. I hold a BA in youth and community education and a level 3 in children's care, learning and development. I am currently working towards a level 5 qualification in play work.

Haylee Jones

Hi I'm Haylee, I've worked at the club since 2009. I am qualified to level 2 in Children's care, learning and development and I am working towards my level 3 qualification.

Barbara Williams

My name is Barbara. I have worked at The Madhouse Club since 2003. I hold a level 2 qualification in Children's care, learning and development. I also work as a TA at Wat's Dyke School.

Amy Sides

My names Amy, I work in Madhouse club and also in Wats Dyke school. I'm a DCE level 3 and I've worked in club for 4 years.

Abi Hayward

Hi, I'm Abi and I've been at after school club and holiday club for nearly six months. I have my QCF level 2 in Children and young people's learning and development. I have also just achieved my award level 2 in play work, and am aiming to complete my level 2 and go on to my level 3


The club is managed and operated by the Club Supervisor of The Mad House Out of School Club. The role of the Club Supervisor is to carry the ultimate responsibility for all aspects and control of the club, including staffing, finances, resources and complaints. The Club Supervisor also manages the day to day organisation of the club, including safety management, organisation of activities, administration and the management and leadership of the play workers.

Play Workers

The play workers role is to assist in all aspects of the day to day organisation of the club, including assisting in the provision of safe and creative play opportunities, to encourage parental involvement and support and to work within the agreed policies.

The Committee

The role of the committee is to ensure the Complaints and Behaviour Management Policies are applied consistently and fairly. They will also assist the club in other matters as necessary.